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36 Missions for The Morpheus Group

I recently completed a one-page ttrpg that I put on It’s called The Morpheus Group and it’s about low paid workers at a company that uses a drug called Somnium and special brain-computer interface technologies to have dreamers share dreams. The game comes with a simple mission generator but, I couldn’t stop thinking about the potential for such a game. So, here are 36 more possible missions. These missions are more involved than the ones that the generator makes as I was taking the concept more seriously here.

  1. Lost Memory: Retrieve a forgotten memory that’s crucial for the dreamer’s upcoming court case.
  2. Nightmare Slayer: Confront and banish a recurring nightmare that’s causing the dreamer’s insomnia.
  3. Inception: Plant an idea in the dreamer’s subconscious to help them make a difficult decision.
  4. Healer’s Touch: Help the dreamer overcome a past trauma by guiding them through a symbolic representation of it.
  5. Creativity for sale: Inspire the dreamer, an artist, to finish their masterpiece.
  6. Message Delivery: Deliver a message from a comatose patient to their loved ones.
  7. Dream Escape: Rescue a fellow somnonaut who’s trapped in a dream.
  8. The Quest: Complete a quest in the dreamer’s fantasy world to help them gain confidence in real life.
  9. Exposure Therapy: Help the dreamer confront and overcome their phobia.
  10. Memory Modification: Alter a painful memory to bring peace to the dreamer.
  11. Corporate Espionage: Prevent a rival company’s somnonaut from stealing confidential information.
  12. Dead in dreamland: Investigate a murder that happened in the dream world.
  13. The Curse: Stop a nightmare creature from spreading fear and chaos in the dream world.
  14. Identities in Conflict: Negotiate a peace treaty between warring factions in the dreamer’s subconscious.
  15. Exploration: Map out a new, unexplored region of the dream world.
  16. The Rescue Operation: Save the dreamer from a dangerous situation caused by their own subconscious.
  17. The Tournament: Compete in a dreamscape tournament to win a prize that can supposedly manifest in the real world.
  18. Infiltration: Infiltrate a secret society in the dream world and expose their real-world operations.
  19. Survival Horror: Survive a night in a dream world filled with dangerous manifestations of the dreamer’s fears.
  20. Thief of Dreams: Steal a valuable dreamscape object that can be sold for a high price in the real world.
  21. Trapped: Escape from a dream prison designed to trap somnonauts.
  22. Politics and Dreams: Gather information from a high-ranking official’s dream.
  23. Somnonaut Set-up: Sabotage a rival’s dream to prevent them from achieving their goal.
  24. The Thing in Black: Negotiate with a dream entity to release a hostage.
  25. Mare Duty: Protect a dreamer from a nightmare creature trying to invade their dreams.
  26. Under Hot Lamps: Interrogate a dream version of a criminal to locate their real-world hideout.
  27. The Rogue: Track down a rogue somnonaut who’s causing havoc in the dream world.
  28. Retrieval Service: Retrieve a lost somnonaut’s gear from a dangerous dream world.
  29. The Parasite Problem: Exorcise a malevolent entity that’s possessing the dreamer’s subconscious.
  30. A Deal With A Daemon: Convince a powerful dream entity to aid the dreamer in their real-world endeavors.
  31. The Race: Compete against a rival somnonaut to complete a mission first.
  32. A Dream Betrayed: Deal with a team member who’s been secretly working against the group.
  33. Redemption Arc: Help a former villain make amends for their past actions in the dreamscape.
  34. The Doom that Sleeps: Make a difficult choice that could have serious consequences in the real world.
  35. Against the Wall: Cut off from Somnium and lacking equipment, stop a mad scientist from attacking Layer 0.
  36. Ascension and the Dreamer: Help the dreamer achieve a state of enlightenment by guiding them through a series of spiritual trials in the dream world.

I stopped at 36 because I was starting to stray from the basic concept and was starting to think of complex adventures that were well beyond the scope of a humble one-page ttrpg. Anyway, if you use any of these in any kind of game, tell me what you thought and how it went.

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