A Red Panic​

Let’s Tell Stories

Grim Victorian cityscape with the word Nightsdeep in front of it.


Welcome to Zweitenholm, the last kingdom in a land overrun by the Hollow Ones, mindless undead monstrosities. Adventure in a gaslight Victorian style city run by vampires.

A dragon faces down a cowboy with the words ghostlight frontier in the front.

Ghostlight Frontier

Join the new, weird frontier! A people ravaged by tragedy discover a new continent full of possibility. Uncover what happened in this new land and protect your settlement.

Spaceman upside down with orange spikey aura


Generate a crew type, ship, character, and mission and get flying in this simple one page tabletop role playing game. The game uses a simple d6 dice-pool mechanic for all task resolution.

Nightime leaking into the day

The Morpheus Group

Are you a lucid dreamer? Can you memorize a business card? If those things are true, become a somnonaut at the Morpheus Group.


A Red Panic was born in 1999. A group of friends played a tabletop role playing game using a system called FUDGE. Since then, the friends have kept playing ttrpgs and telling stories in different media.

4 dice


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