Rank 1: Initiate

Triggered Spell (instant) [Effortless] – The next spell cast may be given a simple trigger and will activate at that point. This means that a spell like promise of pain can be cast but not triggered unless you are attacked or something along those lines.

Identify Magic (instant or reaction) [Effortless] Check: Meta-thaumaturgy vs. rank of spell cast – When a spell is cast within your view, you may cast this spell to identify what spell was cast. Succeeding with style grants knowledge of what spell was cast, it’s discipline, the location of the casting, and an emotional imprint from the caster. A simple success grants the discipline or and emotional imprint from the caster, and what spell was cast. Success at cost grants only the discipline of the spell.

Disrupt Magic (Concentrate) [1 MP] – You weave a stable thaumic structure around a target that makes it harder for the target to cast spells.

Silent Spell (instant) [2 MP] – You may cast your next spell using willpower alone. You do not need your hands free. Nor do you need to speak.

Attunement (instant) [Effortless] – An item or weapon becomes attuned to you and can be called to your hands from an extradimensional space unless it is destroyed. It takes one turn to return to your hand and may be done effortlessly. Only 1 item can be attuned at a time per rank of meta-thaumaturgy.

Rank 2: Apprentice

Counter spell (reaction) [2 MP] Check: vs. Will – If you are aware of a spell cast near you, you may choose to disrupt the thamaturgic lattice that makes up the spell. If successful, this prevents you from taking your next action (although you can still move). Roll a contest of your Will vs. their Will. If you fail, the spell proceeds as normal. If you succeed at cost, you prevent the spell from being cast. If you succeed with style, you prevent the spell from being cast and are able to take the next action normally.

Mana Burn (effortless) [1 MP] – You touch your opponent and bind their source of mana to your own. In doing so, you leech mana from the target. Make a successful attack using fight. You drain MP equal to the shifts of stress that you would otherwise have done. You do not deal stress for this attack.

Bait and Switch (instant) [effortless] Check: vs. Notice – You weave a redirection matrix that swaps one spell for another. You must know a spell that your target will attempt to cast and another spell that your target or you know. Check your Meta-thaumaturgy vs. their Notice. If successful, apply the Switched! aspect to the target and write down the two spells. When the target uses the spell, reveal to the GM the pair of spells written down. The target casts the chosen spell in place of the desired spell. All targets are still the same.

Thamic Bond (Concentrate) [effortless] – You touch a willing target. While you are in direct contact with your target, the target may cast spells and tap into your mana pool instead of their own.

Mana Bomb (Instant) [2 MP] Check: meta-thatumaturgy vs. Great +4 – You weave a spell such that the next spell cast in that zone will be subject to a cascading backlash. The zone gains the aspect Mana trap with one invoke. When a target is going to use a spell, you may invoke this aspect for free. If you succeed with style, you get two free invokes. When invoked, the caster must overcome a +4 obstacle with the discipline of the spell that they are casting. They receive stress equal to the amount of shifts that they missed.

Rank 3: Disciple

Mimic (instant) [2 MP] – You may cast the exact last spell that was cast by a willing ally at your rank or below. If it has a check for activation, use Meta-thaumaturgy in place of whatever discipline they used. You do not count as a willing ally for yourself.

Rank 4: Adept

Thaumic Nullification (Concentrate) [1 MP / Zone] Check vs. Meta-thaumaturgy – By channeling ambient energies into a self-propagating loop, you are able to create a space where higher magic (ie. spells and spell-like effects) cannot function. This field is represented by the aspect Nullification Field and any attempt to use magic within must roll overcome against your Meta-thaumaturgy skill before activating the spell.

Rank 5: Master

OLDMummification (Instant) [3 MP] Check vs. Will or Physique – Make an overcome action against the target’s Will or Physique, whichever is highest. If successful, they suffer a horrible injury which renders them unconscious, and that will leave them dead if left untreated.