New Student Handbook

Character creation is done in almost the same way as any other Fate Core based game. A character is composed of a high concept & Trouble, Name, stunts, and skills. In addition to the normal components, Dawnside students have an aspect that represents their Order, School Relation, and Goal/ Agenda. Since all students of Dawnside are studying magic, they get to choose Disciplines of magic and spells.


  • Thaumaturgic Order – A thaumaturgic order is something between a Major in most schools and a way of life. The order aspect can be invoked or compelled like normal aspects but it also includes a magic Discipline.
  • School Relation – This aspect is a simple phrase that describes how the student relates to their school.
  • Goal – This aspect is about how every character has things that they want to achieve.
  • Agenda – This is a hidden aspect that shows the secret goals that characters want to achieve. When this is revealed, it replaces the Goal aspect.

Magical Discipline

There are 10 disciplines to choose from and each discipline grants 1 spell at 1 rank. One of the disciplines must be chosen from their thaumaturgic order. Each discipline costs 1 refresh. However each of these disciplines are treated like a skill after they have been purchased.


  • Magical Stunts
  • Spells – Each refresh is worth 2 spells.