Dawnside Factions

Rank 5

Faction NameLeaderCore ConceptTroubleStatus
The AdministrationThe Administrators
Upstart Heart of Arcane ArtsMx. Medina-Pontiff
Our Lady of Perpetual WailingLady FlowersI own [player group]
Illuminated MathematiciansDr. Meyers
Malleus MaleficarumAugustus Stillman
School of Ascended PerfectionMs. Steele

Rank 4

Faction NameLeaderCore ConceptTroubleStatus
Order of the BucketBucket of Water
The Janitor(s)The JanitorWe gave you the key
Vanderbildt LabsProfessor Vanderbildt
Dawnside Athletic GroupRobert D. Junior
Smiling ChildrenThe Smiling Traveller

Rank 3

Faction NameLeaderCore ConceptTroubleStatus
Alakazam Theatre GroupThe Amazing Alakazam
Modern NaturalistsFen Taylor
BriantologySupreme Leader Brian
Lunar Appreciation ClubTotally not werewolves

Rank 2

Faction NameLeaderCore ConceptTroubleStatus
He Who Walks…5 SpeakersBring “Infinite Vacation”Unity is perfectionThey’re stealing Janet away
Cheerleading SquadOphelia W.Death CheerleadersDon’t vivisect the cute ones
Recursive RealityVan GoghMagic is Art is Magic
Book Club
Diversity ClubCelebrate uniquenessViolent when angry

Rank 1

Faction NameLeaderCore ConceptTroubleStatus
The Boom CrewTorrance Black“We take what we want”Big, Dumb, and ViolentAbby is weird
MagipellaBryce 12One man acapella groupSplit when upset
Adventure TimeTara MillnerDnD IRL 4 LIFEIn over our heads
Solar ApocalypseJulio VasquezIt’s too late to save the worldCynical Environmentalists