Thaumaturgical Orders

Students may choose one from 5 of the Thaumaturgical orders provided on campus. Each thaumaturgical order is like a Major in a mundane school except they are dedicated to delving deep into their particular magical discipline. Choosing an order is a deeply personal and completely irreversible act that leaves it’s mark upon the soul of the student. As such, this choice grants access to the order’s chosen field but also blocks the perspective student from ever learning a field. Take your time when choosing, it’s important.

Upstart Heart Arcane Arts

  • (Invoke) You understand beauty, art, and the passion of creation
  • (Compel) You strive to be the main character in every story

Mx. Allessanda Odessa Mariell Medina-Pontiff

  • Gender-fluid, appearance-fluid master of illusion
  • “It’s all about me”
  • Knows all the gossip

There is beauty and passion in all things that matter. You matter. This order is devoted to the embellishment, control, and invocation of that beauty and passion.

Students of this order are devoted to the Cogito Discipline.

Holdings: Montecristo Auditorium

The auditorium is a sprawling building that houses dormitories, music rooms, study rooms, and an open state-of-the-art art studio. Passage throughout the building is rather simple though getting in requires knowing the current code. This might require singing a bit of a song, memorizing a poem, or performing a dance. The code is sent telepathically to all members of the order every morning.

Our Lady of Perpetual Wailing

  • (Invoke) You look death in the face daily and just don’t get scared anymore.
  • (Compel) Nothing really matters, nobody cares, apathy reigns.

Lady Penelope Flowers, Mistress of the Dark

  • Pleasantly empathetic sociopath
  • 18 year old Ex-Cheerleader
  • Consumed ancient death mage

The only thing that every living being can count on is that one day, they will inevitably die. This order doesn’t believe that this is a bad thing. In fact, this order is devoted to the mastery of death and the dead.

Students of this order are devoted to the Necromancy Discipline.

Holdings: Pastor-Soto Morgue and Crematorium

The Pastor-Soto family Crematorium and Mortuary was built on the island before most of the school was. The Pastor-Soto family built up the mortuary into a large, sprawling manor where they were served by a revolving cast of undead servants. Two years ago, Lord Oscar Pastor-Soto lost control of his vessel and the Lady Penelope Flowers consumed him. She is the new Lady of the manor and much of the home runs the same despite minor changes. Some pinks and purples now decorate the halls of the dormitories, the religious iconography have been removed, and central air conditioning is available throughout the building. The dissection & revivification rooms have been remodeled to give the audience more comfort. The tunnels beneath the building and grounds have been stabilized and finished.

Illuminated Mathematicians

  • (Invoke) The world is all about Math and Science, so it’s a good thing that is what you’re good at.
  • (Compel) Too Dangerous is code for Too Complicated for stupid people.

Doctor Alfred Meyers

  • Ancient-looking mad scientist
  • Inconvenient Narcolepsy
  • “If it isn’t exploding, you aren’t learning”

Even before the Greeks, math has been tied to magic. This connection between arithmatic, geometry and complex equations was only further rediscovered and embraced with the unveiling of the world. To the illuminated Mathematicians, all of the universe is made of energy and this energy is tied into math on a fundamental level. Ultimately, the illuminated Mathematicians have used a formalized scientific approach to magic that radically alters physics.

Students of this order are devoted to the Etheric Discipline.

Holdings: Astallia Laboratory Complex

Students live among the various laboratory buildings that are often exploding, on fire, freezing, vanishing, or some combination thereof. The Laboratory has it’s own observatory, nullification room, and various labs of all kinds. Due to a fortunate accident several years ago, some of the buildings have taken on higher-dimensional properties. Thus, many of the labs are actually the same lab at different times. A favorite prank among the senior students is to tell incoming freshmen to report to the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor was lost to the 6th or 7th dimension in the accident and often students spend quite some time wandering the halls of a realm that isn’t perceivable by the sane mind until they are spit back at the sundial, typically missing their clothes.

Malleus Maleficarum

  • (Invoke) The well of knowledge that the order possesses is deep and vast.
  • (Compel) Magic is a wild and untamed force that can corrupt even the most devout.

Imperial Wizard Augustus Stillman

  • The less magic used, the better
  • “The title has nothing to do with the KKK!”
  • Blinded by eldritch lore

Before the United States was even founded, The Hammer of Witches was already rooting out mages who had abused their knowledge. For this order, “knowledge is power” means more than memorizing facts and figures. For this order, information is magical all on it’s own and every secret is a weapon waiting to happen.

Students of this order are devoted to the Meta-thaumaturgy Discipline.

Holdings: Nacht Hexe Bibliotorium

Few places in the world have a library as extensive as the Nacht Hexe Library. This is because the Nacht Hexe Library’s “guest wing” is actually a portal to a superimposed version of other libraries at random. This includes any library in our world and even in other worlds. Students can’t leave these distant libraries but they can borrow books from them. A common saying is that if you can’t find it in the library today, ask a librarian and wait a week. Aside from the extensive library, the area also has extensive space for sparring and even a small arena.

School of Ascended Perfection

  • (Invoke) You have honed your body into physical perfection and your soul is made of steel.
  • (Compel) Not everyone is ready for the wisdom that you’ve learned and even fewer understand it.

Miss Tara Steele

  • Huge, androgynous body builder
  • Doorways are often a problem
  • Wears bronzer on metal body

The natural state of all things is one of constant flux. They change due to time, outside pressure, or self-direction. As a student of ascended perfection, you have learned to harness change itself. Nothing should be able to change you without you willing it to do so. You are like a perfect diamond and all things are reflected within you.

Students of this order are devoted to the Transformation Discipline.

Holdings: Valhalla

Valhalla is the name of the huge gymnasium and dormitory that is run by the school of Ascended Perfection. Part sweaty gym and part Kung-Fu style monastery and part Norse feasting hall. Valhalla is the kind of place where you can get into a philosophical argument that leads to a fistfight and then go eat together afterward. The d├ęcor adheres to a strict minimalist style that somehow includes lots of mounted animals and horns. It’s a mixture of contradictions that often confuses new comers.