Rank 1: Initiate

Speak to the Dead (instant) [Effortless] – Make a Rapport check at +1. If successful, you may speak to any dead or undead creature for the duration of the scene.

Cursed Luck (instant) [Effortless, must have a close item to target] Check: Necromancy +2 vs. Will – As long as you hold the item closely related to the target or a full week, whichever is less, you may challenge your targets luck at any time. To do so, spend 1 MP and roll your Necromancy +2 vs their Will. If you succeed, they must reroll. If you succeed with style they must reroll up to 3 dice of your choice. After the spell ends, it may not be recast on the same target for a full month. A spellcaster may only curse the luck of a single target at a time.

Grave’s Aura (instant) [Effortless or 1 MP] – You gain the aspect Aura of the Grave for the rest of the scene. If you spend 1 MP, you may invoke the aura when appropriate as if you had spent fate points.

Promise of Pain (instant) [Effortless or 1 MP] – You may make a provoke +2 attack against a target in your zone or spend 1 MP to attack any target you can see.

Beyond the Veil (Concentrate) [Effortless] – You gain the aspect Sight Beyond Life for the rest of the scene. Superimposed on the material world is the land of the dead “closest” to the material. This aspect may allow Investigation or Notice actions that would normally be nearly impossible otherwise. This aspect is required for certain other spells to even work.

Rank 2: Apprentice

The Withering Curse (instant) [1 MP, must have close item to target] Check: vs. Physique – You afflict your target with a magical wasting sickness. Roll an overcome action against your target’s Physique. If you succeed with style, they take a severe consequence and will not clear stress at the end of scenes until they remove the consequence. If you succeed, the consequence is moderate and the stress doesn’t clear as before. In a tie, the consequence is mild. If you fail, you take a moderate consequence.

Deathly Cold (instant) [2 MP] – You gain the aspect Aura of the Grave for the rest of the scene. If you spend 2 MP, you may invoke the aspect to make a Provoke attack against every possible target in your zone (ally and enemy alike).

Steal Vitality (instant) [1 MP] Check: vs. Physique – When you succeed on a grapple attack, you may spend 1 MP per turn that your target is grappled. If you do, you can roll your Necromancy +2 vs. Will. On a success you deal 2 shifts of stress to the target and may remove 1 shift from your own stress box. If you succeed with style, you still deal 2 shifts of stress but, may remove 2 shifts from your own stress. This spell may also be used when someone else has grappled the target however, in that case it will only ever remove 1 stress at a time.

Reanimation of Beast (Concentrate) [2 MP] – You reanimate the corpse or skeleton of an animal no larger than a bear, bound to do your bidding. The creature will, in general, not act without prior instruction. A reanimated creature will become mindless if you die. Negotiate with the GM to determine the creature’s aspects and skills.

Bind Shadow (Instant) [2 MP + Mild Consequence] Check: Necromancy vs. Notice – Your character attains the minor consequence Bound Shade. You may choose to clear this mild consequence at will. However while the consequence is on your character, you may spend 1 MP to have your shadow act independently of you. It is incapable of physically interacting with the world but may appear anywhere a shadow may reasonably exist. The shadow is capable of holding and attacking spirits as if it were one of them. While the shadow manifests, you may hear and see through the shadow. A sapient creature may make a notice check to realize the nature of the shadow by making a check Necromancy vs. Notice. The shadow is immune to harm of any kind except magical or light.

Rank 3: Disciple

Reanimation (Concentrate) [2 MP] – Similar to Reanimation of Beast, except may be used on the corpses or skeletons of sapient creatures. These reanimated creatures are more durable.

Control Undead (Instant) [2 MP] Check vs. Will – Make an overcome action against the target undead’s Will. If the target is controlled, and its controller is present, make an overcome against the controller’s Will. If successful, you will bind it to your control for the duration of the scene.

Evil Eye (instant) [1 MP] Check: vs. Will – If your target and you lock eyes, you look at your target in such a way that they are filled with dread. Make an overcome action against their Will. If successful, create the Terrified aspect on them with a free invoke. If you succeed with style, the aspect has two free invokes. You can compel the aspect to cause a nameless NPC to be defeated (they flee in terror), or cause most targets to be unable to do anything but cower unless they take 2 mental stress to “snap out of it.” This aspect lasts for scenes equal to the shifts worth of success.

Rank 4: Adept

Greater Reanimation (Concentrate) [2 MP] – Similar to Reanimation, except may be used on any creature.

Ill-Omen (Instant) [1 MP] Check vs. Will – Make an overcome against the target’s Will. If successful, you may speak onto them a cryptic omen, the result of which will come about unexpectedly to the target. Negotiate with the GM the detriment that the omen will have to the target.

Rank 5: Master

Body Theft (1 day) [3 MP] – Prepare a ritual ash using the possessions, hairs, or other carefully collected items of the target. If you mark the target using the prepared ash, they will be reanimated in the same manner as Greater Reanimation at the moment of their death.

Mummification (1 week) [3 MP] – Similar to greater reanimation, except the creature retains independence from you, and retains all of its mental capacities. The creature has the same aspects and skills as it had in life.

Mummification (Instant) [3 MP] Check vs. Will or Physique – Make an overcome action against the target’s Will or Physique, whichever is highest. If successful, they suffer a horrible injury which renders them unconscious, and that will leave them dead if left untreated.