Rank 1: Initiate

Arcane Shield (Scene) [Effortless] – You manipulate the flow of magic to repel physical attacks with a wave of your hand. Use Will instead of athletics to defend against projectile attacks causing physical stress.

Magical Armor (Conflict) [1 MP] – You create a standing wave of force in the inverse of any incoming kinetic energy around your target. Willing target gains 4 stress worth of armor. This armor is depleted when it is used but the spell can only be cast once per target, per conflict.

Wall of force (Concentration) [1 MP] Overcome: +4 Obstacle – Through focus and visualization, you are able to create a thin wall of friction between two adjacent zones. No ranged physical attacks can penetrate the barrier and no magical projectiles may cross without extra effort. If a creature or character wants to cross the barrier, they must overcome a +4 obstacle as an action to do so. The barrier appears as a warm, slightly hazy surface similar to a hot day.

Kinetic Multiplier (instant) [1MP] – You may multiply the kinetic energy of a projectile, fist, or weapon such that it is more dangerous than it would be otherwise. This spell grants weapon: +2 to the current attack. If the caster so chooses, they can instead reduce their shifts of success by 2 and move their target into an adjacent zone.

Sense Electromagnetism (instant) [effortless] – You are able to visualize the flow of a wider band of the electromagnetic spectrum. This can be used to see radio signals, feel magnetic forces, and may even assist in seeing neuroelectric impulses in living things. The amount of information is overwhelming though. So, you must decide in advance what you are looking for. You get +1 to notice and may receive another +1 if the part of the spectrum that you’re looking at is helpful.

Rank 2: Apprentice

Exothermic Response (Reaction) [2 MP] Check: vs. Athletics – When you are struck in a physical manner, you may elect to multiply the elastic potential energy at the point of impact. This triggers a small explosion directed in a reflected vector at the source of the attack or impact. This response doesn’t reduce the stress taken by you but allows you to strike your attacker with the same amount of stress in an immediate response. The target may attempt an overcome check on their Athletics vs. +4 to avoid being hit. If they fail by 3 or more, you may choose to apply the aspect On Fire as well.

Telekinesis (Concentration) [effortless] Check: vs. Will – Through focus and patience, you are able to project your will across a distance you can see (up to 4 zones) to lift and move objects and even people. This is treated as if your character were physically at the object lifting or moving it. You are unable to perform fine motor functions (picking a lock, writing a note) but, are capable of any gross motor skills that can be done normally. Grapples and shoves all act as if the target was being held or shoved physically but replace Physique with Will.

Entropic flux (instant, next round) [2 MP] Check: vs. Athletics – Chose a zone within line of sight. Upon successfully casting this spell, that zone will be the site of a massive endothermic reaction. All targets within the zone must succeed at an overcome action with Athletics of +2 or receive 2 stress immediately. This initial reaction leaves the zone Freezing Cold. On your next turn, you may trigger an exothermic reaction and any targets still within the zone receive another +2 stress. If the second phase of the spell occurs, the Freezing Cold aspect is replaced with On Fire!

Induction Pulse (instant) [effortless or 1 MP] Check: vs. Will – By generating a powerful, spinning magnetic field in a very rapid manner, you may cause a single nameless NPC to fall unconscious. The shifting magnetic field prevents the electrochemical signals from moving about the brain properly and they lose consciousness as a result. However, stronger NPCs that are caught by surprise will instead be given the Stunned aspect. If the NPC has noticed or combat has already begun, you must spend 1 MP and the NPC is allowed to try to resist using Will vs. your Etherics or Lore skill (whichever is higher).

Find the Fulcrum of Force (instant) [effortless] – By sensing the flow of vector forces acting on an object, wall or other specific thing, you are able to find the point where the greatest result can be derived from the least amount of work. as a result, get +2 when attempting to create an advantage regarding a weakness or “weak spot” of some kind. Thus, if successful you are more likely to get 2 free invokes rather than the typical one.

Rank 3: Disciple

Static Burst (One full Round) [3 MP] Check: vs. Physique – After taking a full round to focus and ionize the air around you. You attack all targets in your zone and one target in each adjacent zone using your Etherics skill. Roll etherics once and all available targets check against that roll.

Thaumic Entanglement (instant, or 1 round) [effortless, 1, or 2 MP] Check: vs. Will – You can exploit the general idea behind quantum entanglement to create a connection between two targets within sight. This connection only lasts an instant before it decays but, you take advantage of the decay to swap the frame of reference of the two targets. As a result, the two objects will swap locations. The spell is rather tricky and heavily dependent on the size of the object and it’s significance. Swapping two similar small objects that aren’t particularly unique is instant and effortless under normal circumstances. Swapping two large objects that are unique is going to take 1 round, 2 MP and a Will check. If one of the targets is unwilling, the spell cannot function.

Gravitational Realignment (concentration) [2 MP] Check: vs. Athletics – For as long as you concentrate, you can change your personal directional vector of gravity to be below your feet. This allows you to walk and even run on walls or even ceilings. If you end your turn on a surface other than the actual ground, make an overcome action vs Athletics at +2 to avoid falling to proper gravity.

Positive Temporal Flux (instant) [3 MP] Check: vs. Physique – Choose a willing target. A willing target must make an overcome roll against Physique at +3. If successful, create the aspect Haste on the target. This aspect may be used to take an extra action or move more in a single turn (it cannot do both). No spell may be cast for the extra action. If succeeding with style, create the aspect Great Haste on the target. This aspect may be used to take an extra action and move more in a single turn. No spell may be cast for the extra action. If you fail the overcome action, you take 1 stress.

Thaumic Blast (instant) [2 MP] Check: vs. Skill?– Charge and throw a bolt of condensed thaumaturgic force at a single target in a zone up to 3 away and then roll Shoot +2. Every possible target between the two zones must roll Athletics to escape the beam.

Rank 4: Adept

Spell Name (duration) [costs] Check: vs. Skill?– Explain how the spell works.

Negative Temporal Flux (instant) [3 MP] Check: Etherics vs. Physique – Choose a target. The target must make contest their Physique against your Etherics. If you are successful, create the aspect Slow on the target. This aspect may be used to force the target to take an action or move in a single turn (it cannot do both). If succeeding with style, create the aspect Stop on the target. This aspect may be used to force the target to lose their turn. If you fail the contest, you take 1 stress. Once used, the aspect goes away.

Rank 5: Master

A Single Instant (Concentration) [4 MP] Check: vs. Will – Time for the caster and any willing targets that the caster can see stops temporarily. The caster and targets can move and operate normally but objects and people that are still in the normal flow of time appear completely frozen. These frozen people and things are unable to be interacted with normally. They cannot be moved or even harmed. This cannot be maintained longer than a scene.