Thaumaturgical Disciplines

Magic is currently divided into several disciplines. Spells within these disciplines are all cast in similar ways and use a similar meta-ontological type of dictum. It is often possible to use different disciplines to accomplish similar goals but that doesn’t mean that they are doing the same thing. Spells are ranked in terms of difficulty from 1 to 5. Rank 5 spells typically require more than one discipline. Dawnside Academy carefully controls access to more difficult spells so that only the most promising students are likely to learn the most powerful spells.

These disciplines are skills but are impossible to use unless a rank is purchased of them. All disciplines max out at +5 (superb) but spells themselves max out at +7 epic. Thus, sometimes a spell will require creating advantages before being cast. Spells are purchased using refresh at a rate of 1/2 a stunt each. Purchasing access to a discipline costs a refresh but may then be upgraded like a skill (as long as the character is part of a faction of needed rank). A discipline comes with a free spell. Discuss with the GM and other players how a spell can be used to perform one of the 4 actions. Not all spells can be used in all ways but, this should always be open to discussion. The first 5 disciplines are the representative disciplines of the different orders. As such, they each have a spell that only members of their discipline can access.


These spells are all about modifying or controlling the flow of information.


These spells are all about piercing and controlling death and what lays in the spiritual realm.


This is all about manipulation of the fundamental forces of physics themselves.


These are spells that manipulate other spells and the nature of magic itself.


These spells are about manipulating forms, changing physical properties, and alteration in a general sense.


These spells are about the manipulation, empowerment, and weakening of the natural world and it’s spirits.


These spells are about learning secrets, sharing information, seeing things at a distance and finding things.


These spells are related to machines, technology and other modern devices.


Alchemy involves altering properties, aspects on objects or fluids, and encoding spells onto other things.


Conjuration is about calling upon extra-dimensional entities to do your bidding.