Code of Conduct

No damage shall willingly be done to the campus.

Dawnside Academy serves as one of the premier centers of arcane learning on the planet. That said, the students are not as important as the campus itself. The academy doesn’t solely exist to serve it’s students, there are more important things at stake.

Being caught leaving the Dormitory after hours or entering restricted areas will not be tolerated.

Student curfews and restrictions are in place for the safety of the students. Dawnside Academy does not tolerate students who violate these rules. Sloppy rules violators will be caught and will face harsh punishment. If you can be caught by staff violating curfew, then you deserve punishment.

No lethal force is permitted on another student on campus unless approved by the Administration.

The arcane arts are complicated and their study is fraught with danger. Students are encouraged to experiment with safety in mind to minimize the loss of life in the event of some kind of mishap. Furthermore, willingly causing the death of a student on campus is cause for an immediate meeting for judgement by the Administration.

All battles for the fate of the world shall be taken to an approved study-abroad program.

While it is understood that some students will choose to utilize their abilities in unsavory ways or to engage in antisocial behavior after graduation, prophecy and legend are not cause for violation of any of the rules. Any situation where a battle of the fate of the world must occur should be taken off-campus to an approved study-abroad site.

No late work. Unless pre-approved by the instructor or an extraneous circumstance occurs (i.e.. banishment for 100 years may apply).

The coursework at Dawnside is often quite intense and some students may feel overwhelmed. While staff empathizes with the feelings of these students, it is important that students understand that there will be no passes or exceptions to the late work policy. The only time that an exception may be possible is either by seeking the advance approval of the instructor in question or if some kind of curse, temporal accident, extra-planar banishment, or similar issue were to occur. Even then, a meeting with the Administration may be in order to decide what should be done.

Any and all original research done by students, faculty, and other staff shall be attributed to Dawnside Academy.

For the time that you attend, teach at, reside in, haunt, or otherwise occupy Dawnside Academy it should be understood that any original research, thoughts, inventions or dreams are the full property of Dawnside Academy with no reservations. Furthermore, this agreement holds even if the student, faculty or staff were to no longer be considered living, conscious, ensouled or otherwise capable of cognition.