Dawnside Academy

Dawnside Adacemy
A Fate game about over-dramatic teens in a school of wizardry.

The werewolves are staging a sit-in at the cafeteria to protest. They want to be allowed to go to the Dark Woods during the full moon to properly enjoy their change. Everyone knows that what they really want is to hunt squirrels and drink cheap beer. The girl that you talked to in Thanaturgy class even told you that she found their stash last week. Those creepy He Who Walks In The Halls kids are getting a little aggressive with their membership drive and it’s starting to seem like they don’t want to take no for an answer anymore. Somebody unleashed another eldritch abomination from the planar gate over in the ruins and you and your friends are being forced to clean up the mess. To top it all off, it’s midterms week and why the hell are so many students smiling so damn much?!