The World

The University

The Academia Arcana was the premier place of thaumaturgical learning and research throughout the Empire. It was known far off in the Gris Republic, a technological powerhouse that stood against the Empire. When the two nations went to war, the school stayed out of it. Though many of its students would be drafted to fight, the school never bowed to the Emperor’s pressure to militarize the school. It had just enough clout to keep the Emperor from forcing his way. So it was that the school remained above the war. In the peace that came afterward, a rival school arose. Griswulf, capital of the Gris Republic chartered its own university dedicated to the study and application of technological solutions. This school quickly rose to prominence and became the premier place to learn about technology in the world. A friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) rivalry was sparked between the two schools. This would come to a head during the “White Lily affair”.  The White Lily Faire was a joint endeavor between the two schools to showcase advances in magic and technology and promote peace and cooperation between the nations of Terra. It also celebrated 25 years since the Emperor had been deposed. It isn’t known who started the fire but, by the time all the copied cattle had been herded back into their pen the damage was done. The rivalry had killed the fair before it really even started.

After the invasion, the two universities merged and became The University of Terra. This place became the premier institution of higher learning for the whole world. It’s Headmistress, Nisha Friedrick was the daughter of the Headmaster of the Academia Arcana. Mistress Nisha Friedrick quickly went about restructuring and making sweeping changes to the university. The first thing that she did was make the university open to all by removing the cost to the students. Instead, students are responsible for completing tasks on behalf of the University. The students are essentially a type of mercenary contracted by the university. Tasks are granted based on skill, previous experience and previous relationships. In that way, students could help a small town with a beast problem and then help negotiate a treaty. The university students are expected to be independent and avoid prejudices based on their nation or race. The school has been so successful that University students are commonly considered as having no nation.

This was recently pressed even further when Nisha Friedrick announced that nations were the ultimate enemy of all the people of Terra. The ensuing conflict would pit the 7 kingdoms and the Republic against the University in what would be called “Nisha’s War.”

The 7 Kingdoms

Uzarel, city of Light

Solaria, Kingdom of the sun

Isalla, The Island Paradise

The Republic

Griswulf, the city of invention

Ocean of Storms


Auren Blar, City of the Merchant King

Voden Iktha, The bone Kingdom


The Black Sands

Chrysalis, The ghost city

The Silent Forest