The First Age

It is said by many wise women and men as well as elder spirits that in the beginning there were two beings made of purest essence that were born into an infinite expanse. These beings, First Light and her brother Midnight were so powerful that they were able to shape the infinite expanse simply by speaking. To pass the time, First Light and Midnight would tell each other stories. These stories would shift and shape the world around them. In that way, all of creation was spoken into existence.

When First Light talked about a glowing light moving across the darkness illuminating everything below it, they created the sun itself. Later, when Midnight spoke of a place where the light could strike, a world was created. This is how the world of Terra came to be. As the two told each other stories, animals were created and spirits ruled over their domains and purviews. Little by little, story by story everything that would be came into being.

One day, First Light and Midnight decided that they wished to create beings that could tell their own stories. They wanted to create beings that held the gift of creation itself. So they weaved a story together of the five races. This tale was longer and more detailed than the others. They told tales of the grace of the Elves, the cunning of the Olephemi, the might of the Deimos, the cleverness of the Humans and the bravery of the Sauren. Then, because all stories must have some kind of end, they told the story of death and the great beyond.

It is unknown if First Light and Midnight were real or if they were a kind of metaphor, what is known for certain is that neither of them are around today. Some say that Midnight betrayed First Light and then fled in shame. Others say that there was a council of creation and the there were many others. The truth, if there is one is lost to time.

Age of Wonders

The oldest records tell of a time that we now call the Age of Wonders. It is called this because during that time, magic was immensely powerful and far more readily available. The records tell of great heroes who created huge canyons with a swing of their sword and battles that would shake the very heart of all existence.

During this time, spirits and people shared a single world. There are a great many stories of this time. There is the tale of an Elven princess who fell in love with the moon. The story of the duel that lasted 5 years. The famed adventures of the trickster who stole fire and wound up being responsible for winter. While some feel that these stories are just stories, others look to the age of wonders as a record of what was lost.

It is said that the age of wonders ended with the sundering of the world into Aether and Terra. In order to enforce the wall between Aether and Terra, the elemental dragons were called upon to help sign the contract. They would serve as the guardians and ferrymen between the world of men and the world of spirits. After the sundering, they retreated to their realms for a time and mourned.

Invasion of the Wretched

1200 years before the birth of the Emperor, the dead waged war on the living. As part of the contract between the spirits and the people, people would go to Aether when they died if they held onto the world while spirits could come to Terra if they were called. Eventually, a necromancer rose among the people who used powerful magic to rend a hole in the wall between Terra and Aether. He rallied the dead against the living and convinced them to become his army.

His march through terra was only interrupted when a boy who would later be called The Chosen, slew the Necromancer. From this day forward, necromancy became a forbidden art. Those who practiced necromancy would have to do so from the shadows.

The hole between the land of Aether and Terra would remain until the elemental dragons were able to seal it up. This would cause a great argument among the elemental dragons that resulted in the dragons retreating from the world for a time.

Empires Rising

World War

Rise of the Dreadlords

End of the War

Fall of the Empire

Angelic Invasion

The Modern World