Character Creation

This page will go over character creation in a very simple and straight-forward way. It is assumed that you know a little about role playing games and the Fate system in general. If you need to know more about Fate Core, I recommend that you pick up the (decently priced) book here (amazon). While you get the book, you can get a general idea by looking on this website ( There is a lot of useful information on that website.


All characters are made up of Aspects. An aspect is a short phrase that tells us something about the character (or thing). An aspect should be descriptive but, short. The best aspects are double-edged so that they can be used both for the character and against them.

High Concept & Trouble

The high concept tells us who your character is in a general sense while the trouble tells us what causes him problems regularly. A good trouble is one that is generally fun to play, not disruptive but able to cause problems for the character. Don’t be afraid to add factions or locations that aren’t established on this web site. Make the world your own! Wanted by the Rusted Fist is a perfectly good trouble because not only does it cause problems but, it means that your GM has a new faction to play with. Just remember to confirm the aspect with the GM and define who the Rusted Fist are and why your character is wanted by them.


This one can be tricky. This aspect tells us what your character did before now. Were they a cold-hearted assassin or a wandering minstrel or maybe they woke up in the black sands. Either way, this aspect tells us something about that character that is useful for the player and the GM.


In other systems, characters may have classes that dictate exactly what they can do and how they approach their problems. Terra tries to avoid this while still granting special abilities by using professions. A profession tells us what technological, magical or martial abilities a character has. Further discussion on professions can be found on another page of this site.

Extra Aspect

This extra aspect tells us something about the character that none of the other aspects tell us. This may be their Guild affiliation, heirloom sword or whatever else is helpful. A monk on a quest to find himself is something that may fit more on a core concept but, “Oath of poverty” can work wonders. This aspect can tell us about previous adventures or character secrets. The sky is the limit.


In Terra Core, a character has certain skills that make up what the character is good at and what they lack. For new characters, skills are arranged into a pyramid where they can choose one skill at Great (+4), two skills at Good (+3), three skills at Fair (+2) and four skills at Average (+1).

There are other limits. Due to the intense study and focus a profession requires, a character may only take one profession and thus may only aquire the skills and stunts from their chosen profession and no others.


In Terra Core, a starting character will get 3 mundane stunts and 3 technological, magical or spiritual stunts. If you wish, your character can use those other 3 stunts to become even more formidable in mundane situations. There is something to be said about the mundane expert.

Stunts are amazing things that your character can do. This may include changing certain skill’s typical effects, using a skill in a strange way, altering a rule, or special magical abilities. A simple list of sample stunts for Terra Core can be found here. For more on how to make your own stunts, look here. Stunts generally follow this formula:

Because I [describe what makes you or your gear special], I get a +2 when I use [choose a skill] to [attack, defend, create advantages, overcome] when [describe special circumstance].

For example:

Because I’m well-read, I get a +2 when I use Academics to create advantages when in the woods relating to survival.
Because I have my ancestral long sword, I get a +2 when I use Melee to attack when confronted by abominations.
Because I am an officer of the law, I get a +2 when I use Rapport to overcome when dealing with law-abiding citizens.
There is a second type of stunt simply makes something true, do something cool or ignore a rule.

Because I [describe some way that you are exceptional, have a cool bit of gear, or are otherwise awesome], once per game session I can [describe something cool you can do].

For example:

Because I have studied anti-mana, once per game session I can manifest tentacles of pure void.
Because I have an automaton, once per game session I can have the robot take an attack for me.
Because I have a contract with an Ice titan, once per game session I can summon it into battle.

Sample Stunts

You can find sample stunts in a variety of places. This sidebar will list a few. In time, this website will also house a slew of sample stunts specifically for Terra Core. For now, Explore the links below.

Building Stunts – This is a great read about how to make your own stunts. It has a bunch of sample stunts and stunt types. – This site has a wealth of information in general but, this list of stunts is both comprehensive and inspiring. The skills used are the default fate core skills so, there will need to be a bit of translating. It isn’t difficult however. – Here is the same site but a bunch of other stunts. These are organized by skill. Be sure to explore. There is a whole lot of info here. There is also a bit of overlap.