Chaos Abomination

Like some sort of twisted nightmare of a madman, the chaos abomination refuses to be defined. It is a horror composed of pulsing bruised flesh, eyes and teeth without form or reason. The Chaos abomination continually shifts and changes as it cannot hold a solid form. The flesh of the Chaos abomination moves like oozing liquid but can also strike with lightning speed. It knows nothing but hunger.

Aspects: Madness incarnate, From beyond the lands of man


  • Good (+3) Provoke
  • Great (+4) Bite, Notice


  • Devour whole – The Chaos abomination attempts to devour the target whole. For 1 FP it attacks with bite. On a successful bite, the target is swallowed whole and gains the aspect Devoured. Every turn that the target doesn’t overcome that aspect (at difficulty good (+3)), the target gets 2 stress.
  • Bend reality  – The Chaos abomination bends reality merely by existing. While in the same zone as the Chaos abomination, every turn roll willpower against it’s provoke. If it succeeds with style, you gain 1 shift of mental stress
  • Regenerating Rod – The Chaos abomination can clear all of it’s stress boxes on it’s action as long as the regenerating rod is still active in the room.

Stress: (1) (2) (3) (4)

Consequences: Mild, Mild, Moderate, Severe