House Singh

“When up against a wall, break it down”

Janna The Just

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Early on, the Tiger clan were assigned the role of champions and defenders of the Runai lands.They were the Runai generals and made up the majority of it’s military. The majority of citizens support and approve of the Tiger clan as tales of their exploits are spread though all the Runai lands. In recent years however, among the other clans, the Tigers have lost quite a bit of respect. The previous clan leader engaged in a dishonorable plot to prevent the Cat clan from joining. The current clan leader, Janna the Just took over the clan after succeeding in ritual combat and has spent the time since, attempting to make amends.


Intuitive knowledge of the law – The Oxen intuitively understand the law of wherever they are. This knowledge means that they not only understand the specifics of the law but may know how to apply the law in such a way as to take advantage of loopholes.

The guilty must pay – Members of the Oxen clan have an innate calling to always punish the guilty. This is a passion that follows them in all things. It even extends to themselves. So, while sometimes an Oxen member will be willing to bend the law in order to punish evil, the line is razor thin.

Way of the Tiger

  • -10 Plan and execute a dishonorable action
  • -5 Perform a dishonorable action
  • -2 Knowingly allow a dishonorable action to occur
  • +2 Defend someone weaker
  • +5 Spread the Runai culture or empire

Harmonious Ox

Stench of guilt – Due to the Oxen’s deep connection to law and order, the Harmony within the Ox allows them to attempt to sense the amount of Discord within a target. Roll Willpower to attempt to learn the amount of Discord a target has. A NPC who is part of a clan or Player may use their Channeling to resist but even on a success, the Ox will still know if the character is Discordant.

Unbreakable – Though sheer determination, you are able to sustain wounds that would cripple lesser people and keep after your goal. You gain a -8 physical consequence that recovers at the same speed that a -2 consequence does.

Power of faith – Your complete faith and devotion to a concept or being is absolute. You will defend that thing no matter the cost and you will do whatever needs to be done to be reunited with that thing. Pick a specific being or concept, you receive a +2 to will whenever you are defending that concept or have to overcome something to get back to that thing.

Discordant Ox

Glow of righteousness – Very similar to the stench of guilt, the Ox can use their own discord and growing contempt for harmony to compare themselves to others. This allows them to learn how harmonious their target is. Roll Willpower to attempt to learn the amount of harmony that a target has. A member of a clan or a player may choose to resist using their Channeling skill. Even on a success, the Ox will still know that the character is harmonious.

Strength of Will – Having such a strong sense of dedication and plain stubbornness means that you can find inner reserves that would otherwise be impossible. When having to overcome something with physique, you may use Willpower instead.

Unyielding determination – Pain and inconvenience will not stop you from achieving your goal. For a fate point, you may choose to completely ignore the effects of a consequence for the rest of the scene. It cannot be compelled against you or invoked. At the end of the scene however, that consequence will progress to the next highest one including defeat.