“A mystery is a gift, wrapped in gossamer”

7 Burning Candles

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Adopted by The Spirits

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One foot in another world – Some stuff explaining how the cat clan members are partially in the world of the kami.

Burning with devotion – Some stuff explaining the cat clan member’s curse.

Way of the Cat

  • -10 Violate an agreement
  • -5
  • -2
  • +2 Bring a body to a temple for resurrection
  • +5

Harmonious Rat

Message – Due to the influence of the kami, you can reach out to the minds of others who you know by name. You may choose to converse with one target who you know by name inaudibly for the scene regardless of distance.

Discordant Rat

Overhear – The discord within you allows you to tap into the weave that ties all things together to learn about a targets wants, dreams and dark desires. In fact, you already knew them. In order to access this knowledge, use Channeling instead of Charisma.

Step Sideways – By focusing, you are able to use your gift to step completely into the world of the kami. Travel through this world is fraught with danger due to the Unbound and environmental hazards of this world. Furthermore, returning to the world of ash requires an intimate understanding of the location of choice. Channeling must be used to return safely.