Fools do not deserve honor

Inoh Ishikawa-Naru

Wei Lightfoot soundlessly lowered himself into the museum. The exhibit was set to open tomorrow morning. All the important men and women of the capital will come through the great iron doors of the museum intending to marvel and murmur vacuous statements about the ancient artifact. It had been dug up in a site deep in the necropolis. The ring was said to have belonged to a ruler of the old world, someone important and dead.

Soon, it would belong to Wei Lightfoot.

Life of the Rat

The Rat clan claims to believe in a strange sort of darwinism where those who really want their belongings wouldn’t allow them to be stolen. That doesn’t mean that they lack honor. They simply believe that remaining ethically flexible is more important than being righteous. As a clan, the Rats have their hands in all manner of illicit activities from the soul dust trade to assassinations. They run the Laughing Squid Casino and various other businesses about the city.


Leave No Trail – Rat clan members are exceptionally good at sneaking. They may choose to leave no trail. They can trudge through waist deep snow and leave no marks. Walk through a field of bells and make no sound.

Curse of Greed – Rat clan members have a tendency to become fixated on certain objects. When the curse comes upon them, they can’t help themselves and must take the object. This isn’t so bad when the item is a small locket but far more troublesome when the object is something larger… like a house.

Way of the Rat

  • -10 Kill without a proper contract
  • -5 Betray a fellow Rat
  • -2 Allow an insult to go unpunished
  • +2 Get even
  • +5 Make someone above you fall

Harmonious Rat

Unchained – This character can escape any type of bond. This goes from simple handcuffs all the way to being bound naked in a jail cell. Cages can only hold Rats for so long.

Key of whispers – This character can simply ask a lock to open or close by whispering to it and it will do as asked.

Stolen wounds – Touching a wound allows this character to transfer it onto themselves. This will reduce the severity of a consequence by one level but grant a consequence of the lowest available level to the Rat.

Fate in motion – Doing a simple act causes this character’s fate to change in some beneficial way. Though the player cannot describe exactly what the outcome is, things will go their favor somehow.

Discordant Rat

Silence of stone – All noise in the same zone or area as this character ceases. The only noise allowed is whatever noises the Rat wishes there to be. For instance, the Rat may speak to a person in their zone but, that person’s screams will make no noise.

Cloak of shadow – The character physically grabs a nearby shadow and can wear it as a cloak, this allows the character to hide in shadows despite standing in an open and well-lit room.

Mask of names – If this character knows the full name of a person and hears their voice, they may completely duplicate that person. They will speak with their voice, their face will look like the other person and they will pass all but the most intense of scrutiny. This effect will last from dusk until dawn.

Unfortunate events – Doing a simple act causes a target’s fate to change in an unfortunate way. Though the player cannot describe exactly what the outcome is, things will go poorly for the target.