Welcome to the Future

  • Themes and Tone
  • Life in the big City

Tomorrow is Today

  • How did we get here?
  • Jump City: Population, You
  • This (not so) Charmed Life
  • Hitting the Road
  • Try not to die


  • Character Creation
  • Fit your Crew
  • Paying the Bills
  • Character Advancement

Character Creator

“I hear that dropping bombs on cities is an awful lot of fun.

He crawled out of the bunkers then he got him a gun

He say that everything is his that is under the sun

And if you get ‘im real mad he’ll kill everyone!”

“Ballad of the Fed” by Kid Vicious

Project: Red

  • The Agency died (and no one cared)
  • What’s waiting in the Dark?
  • Creating your own Cell
  • Are you anomalous?