UT: University Life

– Flyer found on campus, author unknown.

So, you’ve made it into the prestigious institute of higher learning, The University of Terra… What now? What do you actually do?

Life on Campus

Dreamers throw the absolute best parties. This is an undisputed fact, like how you come back down when you jump. You would think that the explorers would be the ones with the good parties and boy do they try. Explorers tend to brew up fancy drinks and try to have themes that no one has done before but, that isn’t what makes a party really. No, Dreamers will take your hat and coat, give you a drink and make sure that you have a good time. That’s the difference. Dreamers know how to sit back and relax.

Aside from that, you’ve got the world-class dining establishment, the mess hall. That place tries to have it all. More importantly, it’s all free (well, paid for by our assignments) so you can eat as much as you like. Be careful though, I’ve heard of poorer students arriving and eating their way right out of school. They spend so much time in the mess hall that they forget to study or do the assignments. Not smart.

Clubs and sport. Clubs and sports. Okay, let me be absolutely honest here. I can’t tell you what club I’m in without getting us in trouble but, I can tell you that joining a club is not only smart but it is essential. Clubs give you access to more people and that means that you can team up and get your assignments done together. I trust the people in my club with my life. As for sport, I get enough exercise running from beasts during my assignments, thank you.


You’re here because you want to learn.

Remember that because some of these professors like to push students away. Some students get hooked on the assignments and ignore their studies and some… like I did for a while, get so hooked on the social scene that they start to get poor marks. The keyword here is balance. You need to balance the three aspects of your life into a harmonious whole. Ha, I sound like a Solarian! The point is, remember why you’re here. If you don’t, you run the risk of being bounced out of here.

Every semester, you sign up for a set of classes. These classes tend to meet two to three times a week. So, maybe you’re studying Transmission, you may have a couple classes built around that. Although, you have a focus, remember that that isn’t the only thing that you’ll be studying. The University of Terra loves to chat up how diverse and well-rounded we are so, expect to take some classes in advanced underwater basket weaving and the like. I know, I know, you want to focus on your focus… tough.

At the end of the semester, you will receive a letter grade based on your performance in the class. A through F. This grade is your final grade and if you get an F, you fail the class and have to retake it. Fail enough and you get kicked out of here. Good grades help your overall rank in the University. This is important if you want to be able to get the juiciest assignments and first pick on which class you want to attend.


Assignments may be the most fun you’ve ever had or you might die. It really can go either way. Look, the University doesn’t turn anyone down over money, right? So, they have to pay for things somehow. This is what they do. They send students (and sometimes professors) on assignments. The students go off and take care of some local problem, the locals pay the school and everybody is happy. Unless you die. Then, that is no good. Don’t die.

Assignments are all posted to the three Assignment boards, one in each campus. Students grab the posting off of the board and gather up like-minded friends to try and accomplish the assignment. Some of these are simple, “help me get my cattle back from a thief.” Some of them are complex, “our village is dying and we don’t know why.” Others are… well, sometimes professors have pet projects that they need help with. Either way, you take your paper and complete the assignment. Then you come back and submit the completed assignment to the bursar.

In order to remain a student in good standing, you must complete at least 1 assignment a week. If you miss assignments for long enough, you will be kicked out of the University. If you complete higher rank assignments, it gives you a little longer before you have to complete the next assignment but, the higher rank assignments are often more dangerous. So, it’s a risk-reward kind of thing. Personally, I like to do the simple tasks because I don’t like bruising.

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