UT: A Brief History of Terra

– Taken from a lecture by Prof. Sebastian Drake Van Housen

The Beginning

There isn’t much known about the beginning. Any records that conflicted with Solarian or later Uzareli Empire propaganda were destroyed. What remains are bits and pieces of facts mixed with legends. It is said that the creator spoke the world into being. The creator named each and every thing that exists and upon naming the thing, caused the thing to exist. We know this to be true because later the three gods would be shown to have the true name of everything written on their skin. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The point is that everything that exists or will exist was supposedly spoken into existence by the creator. That means that we never operate completely at a loss. If you can imagine it, it is possible. Maybe not today, but if you work hard, it may be you that brings the creator’s word into being. That said, lets move on?

Empires Rising

The time of the rising empires is a hazy one at best. There were several kingdoms that arose to become world powers. In the west, the elven people –yes, the elves– had a small empire with a capital called Chrysalis. Yes, that Chrysalis. We’ll get to that. The elven kingdom rose to great power and was responsible for an incredible amount of magical knowledge that we use even to this day. We owe a lot to that culture. In the south, -well, here- arose an empire that united 7 kingdoms. The Uzareli Empire. She was a militaristic empire guided by the whims of the Emperor. An emperor who we would later discover was effectively immortal.

In the hostile north, what was once a small settlement of rebels attempting to escape the yoke of the Uzareli Empire for various reasons slowly but surely became a minor power themselves. This settlement eventually became the Gris Republic. Where the Uzareli and Elven empires focused on magic, the Gris Republic was low on people who could actually use magic and those who had the capacity weren’t trained. Instead, they focused on technological solutions. They advanced at an astounding rate. Eventually, the three powers equalized and none moved against the other for a time. This was a golden age.

World War

One hot spring evening, explosions rang out that spelled the end of the golden age. Griswulf, capital of the Gris Republic was attacked via mind controlled thralls. The thralls were citizens of Griswulf who suddenly took arms against their neighbors. It was a devastating attack that by the end, left over 200 dead and many more injured. It was also the start of a world war that would rage across all three powers for almost a thousand years off and on. The brief times of peace were barely a respite from the long decades of war. Though the Uzareli empire kept meticulous records of this time, they are tainted strongly by propaganda, anti-technology and anti-elven sentiment that makes them almost useless.

During this time, citizens of the Uzarelli empire were terribly oppressed. The Ministry of thought searched for spies and enemies everywhere. Sigils were drawn throughout cities that marked where a citizen went and for how long. Trials were conducted with invasive prodding using mental magic. If you wonder why Mental magic and scrying aren’t taught here and are illegal in most other places, no you know. The fact is that the average citizen of the Uzarelli empire was either a fanatic nationalist or trying as hard as they could to be ignored.

Across the ocean of storms, in the Gris Republic it wasn’t much better. They were in a state of total war. Everything made, grown or talked about led somehow into the war. For the Gris Republic, losing the war meant falling completely and they refused to fall. This led to widespread famine because tending the crops was secondary to weapon production. Their technological development was at a furious pace culumnating with the technological marvel of an airship, the Invincible. Supposedly, the Invincible was so huge that it wasn’t an airship as much as a mobile fortress. It was also armed with a weapon that ended the war and almost ended the world.

In the Elven lands, war wasn’t going very well. The war had crippled their production and cost them much in terms of infrastructure and man-power. In case you didn’t know, though elves tend to live for a very long time, they don’t have babies like the other races. As such, their losses were pretty severe. By the end, they would lose more than any of the other world powers. In fact, they would lose everything.

End of the War

The war ended just like it began, with unexpected explosions ripping through the night. The Gris Republic had been fed disinformation of a terrible attack to come from the Elven empire. This led to a rise in hostility between the Gris Republic and the Elves. Eventually, the Invincible was dispatched to attempt to end the conflict. It broke though defenses like they were tissue. The engineers in Griswulf cheered themselves on as they heard news of the amazing power of the war machine that they had unleashed. It drove directly through Elven lands and stopped to hover right over the capital, Chrysalis.

The light was said to have been blinding from miles and miles away. The shock wave knocked over people on the coast all the way in Uzarel. The weapon, known as the “omega beam cannon” (a name that doesn’t do it justice) fired a concentrated blast of pure, unaspected mana energy leveling all of Chrysalis. Even in almost a millenia of war, never before had there been such a display of total destruction. Millions of lives were snuffed out in an instant. It spelled the end of hostilites and in fact, the end of the Elven empire. The entire empire had been wiped out in one attack.

Far from enjoying their victory, the Gris republic was in shock. The weapon performed so far outside of expected parameters that they had committed the worst genocide in all of history. Most engineers turned away from weapon production that very night while some, took their own lives out of guilt.

It is said, that the magical weight of all that death, coupled with the sheer amount of free-flowing mana punched a hole straight through reality. This led to an incursion that is still barely understood. The area where Chrysalis once stood is now a deadly, empty zone called the Black Sands. Seven beings that supposedly embodied emotions of the dead entered our reality and wreaked havoc. It was the end of the war but certainly not the end of the troubles. Eventually, those seven would either form a pact with the three gods or they would be banished. But, the gods hadn’t exalted themselves yet. So, for a time, the 7 were a dreadful force of nature that left fear and death in their wake.

Fall of the Empire

One elf in particular, a woman named Melei Dawnseer waged a guerrilla campaign against the empire. She helped train an insurgency who damaged sigils throughout the empire and eventually, she entered the Emperor’s castle and defeated the Emperor himself. It was revealed that by this time, whatever the Emperor was to begin with, he was a monster now. It seems that he had given up more and more of himself in order to become immortal that there was nothing recognizable as human left. His body was found by the remains of the celestial circle, his royal elite guard and burned. They kept secret what they saw that day.

With the Emperor dead, the empire fell back into it’s 7 kingdoms, each vying for top position. This would continue for a short time until a lasting peace could be brokered between the kingdoms. This was the first time that the Academia Arcana acted in a diplomatic fashion but, it wouldn’t be the last.

Two of the three world powers humbled and one destroyed, a real peace fell upon the world. One that would have to be guarded carefully. That brings me to the point of this lecture. As students, you are responsible for completing assignments. It is always valuable to remember that the assignments that you do today could affect history tomorrow.


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