Nightsdeep: The Lost People

“We hold that all clans are equal and are joined in the bond of brotherhood”
— Opening words of the Concord of Seven

In the Concord of 7, the seven clans were to unite as equal in a partnership to rule the land and protect it’s people. The concord recognizes the original seven clans as separate but equal in standing. Those clans are the Haed, the braut, skjoldr people, leudh, Volk, Villr and Tryggr. The Tryggr people originally didn’t want to become part of the concord but were swayed by Elrik the younger himself.

Volk, of the Southern Plains

Most at home in the farm and plains, the volk are a simple people. This isn’t to say that they lack intellect or cunning. They are a people that prefer to speak clearly and act without secondary motives. They are proud of their humble beginnings and tend to stick to them. Some are actual farmers, herders and the like while others spin fabric, cobble shoes and support the people. Oftentimes, the volk see themselves as the “backbone of the people”.

Tryggr, of the Eastern Wood

The tryggr people are keen hunters. Many of them have an eye almost as good as some vampires. They use their skills at the hunt to bring home their meals. Those that aren’t actively hunters will become butchers and the like. They tend to be more at home out in the country and the smaller towns than within the bustling cities. The Tryggr like to call themselves “the unconquered people” as they were the last to sign the concord and still keep to their ethnic ways.

Haed, of the Northern Winds

The mountain people are a strong lot with long lineages of miners and iron workers. They claim that Elrick the younger was of their clan. They love puzzles and complicated workings and this love has put them on the forefront of the clockwork revolution. City dwellers of clan haed are likely to be turning metals into intricate clockwork constructs that border on magic.

Braut, of the Winding Roads

Wanderlust is the common to this clan. They tend to be travelers and carriage drivers. It’s said that in the heart of every Braut there is love of the open road. Braut are most likely to be trouble makers and rebels as that love of the open road translates into a thirst for freedom. Whispered among the braut is the saying, “only on the road is a man truly free”.

Villr, of the Black Seas

The Villr are the lords of the seas. They are fisherman and ferrymen. Those who don’t actively go out to sea tend to support those who do. Whether making nets or making boats, Villr are undisputed in their mastery of the waters.

Leudh, of the White Towers

The leudh are often derided for their bookish ways but, that is just fine with them. To the leudh, learning is the most important thing that a man can do. This tends to make leudh more likely to be intellectuals and politicians. It is said that the printing press resulted from a member of clan leudh and clan haed putting aside their differences to work together.

Skjoldr, of the Keen Edge

The hot blooded skjoldr are the best blacksmiths and warriors that Nightsdeep can produces. They tend to see things in black and white: Friend and foe, good and evil. This leads to a philosophy that can cause quite a bit of trouble when combined with the temper of the skjoldr. It’s said that the skjoldr were born from the fires of Mount Rada itself.

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