Nightsdeep: Strange Magics

Once, men were able to wield Great Magic. They were able to control the elements. They summoned mythical beasts of nightmares and fever dreams. They held in their palm the very powers of creation and destruction itself. They were like gods among mere mortals. With their power they amassed tremendous armies of dreadful warriors and used them to march across the blasted landscape in search of the next great conquest. Mad sorcerers erected strange towers in honor of their own bloated egos. Conflict was inevitable. The Great War brought death and destruction to every corner of creation. In it’s ashes, the Great Magic was sealed off, never to be used by mortals again. Now, all low magic is a mere shadow of what once was.

Miracles and the Old Gods

Saluwan may listen to the prayers of the faithful but, he doesn’t seem to act on their prayers. Largely, miracles from Saluwan just don’t seem to happen anymore. Most faithful would say that while Saluwan slumbers, he wants his people to stand on their own. Some would say that that is simply a cop out and that Saluwan has been dead for a long time. The biggest secret in Nightsdeep is that the Old gods however, aren’t silent. Whether peering out of the depths of the deepest oceans or waiting on an old dusty crossroad, the Old gods are still active. They hunger for the faithful to call upon them, to pray to them and to sacrifice to them. Because they hunger to be free.

These gods aren’t very picky about how they are called, although a great many particular rituals do exist. Following a ritual makes the invocation simpler in that it lends an air of legitimacy. The important thing is that the request must be done with complete faith. The Old gods demand absolute devotion. As such, to ask a request of Marka may mean cutting open your own belly or worse, cutting open the belly of someone else. Taking back a deal with the Old gods is like politely asking a wildfire to stop burning a forest. What is done now is done forever. That said, the Old gods are capable of nearly anything as long as their price is met. The price however is always steeper than the reward.

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