Nightsdeep: Sample Characters

Lord Mordu Braitheim

High Concept: Gifted Writer in search of a Novel
Trouble: Lacking Inspiration
Ambition: Fame and Fortune
Secret: Urban Dreugr
Status: Fallen Drengskapr of house Langmalm

Main Skills: +4 Rapport, +3 Occult, +2 Blood, +1 Resources

Bloody Horror. Animals cannot stand your presence, you Terrify them. If they must stay, they must succeed in a contest of their Willpower vs your Blood. Otherwise, they flee in fear.
Blood Healing. You focus on the blood within you, it comes to the surface to mend your wounds. Roll Blood Vs. Difficulty 4. If this is a success, remove your lowest consequence. You may successfully perform this once per session. It takes a full round.
Child of the Court. Gain a +2 bonus to any attempt to overcome obstacles with Rapport when you’re at an aristocratic function, such as a royal ball. (Fate Core, p.90)
Refresh: 3

Melody Clairsdotter

High Concept: Vampire Hunter
Trouble: All bloodsuckers are the same!
Ambition: Get revenge for my sister
Secret: Blade of Saluwan
Status: Bondi artisan by day

Main Skills: +4 Deception, +3 Willpower, +2 Melee, +1 Investigate

Blessings of blood. +2 to Willpower when used against a vampire. If you spend a fate point, you can use Willpower to attack for that scene. Each use causes 1 stress.
Low Profile. You always provide active opposition to attempts to locate you with Investigate. (Peter Blake)
Hunter of Skald. Gain a +2 bonus when attacking a Skald vampire.
Refresh: 3

Ragna Grimaldisdotter

High Concept: Determined Journalist
Trouble: Can’t stop digging into secrets
Ambition: Discover something amazing
Secret: Only honest journalist in the city
Status: Bondi working for the Daily News

Main Skills: +4 Rapport, +3 Investigate, +2 Deception, +1 Athletics

Check your sources. You always check your sources. Investigate may be used to defend against Deception.
Bait of Words. Gain an additional +2 to Deceive whenever you invoke an advantage you personally created by speaking to the target and rolling Rapport. (Peter Blake)
All Things in Their Place. You always know the power dynamic in the room, and you may insert yourself within it anywhere you desire. Use this with caution—while it impacts how people interact with you, it does not equate to actual authority, and placing yourself too highly—especially over people not used to being anything but top dog—can inspire an unpleasant response. (Fate System Toolkit, p.98)
Refresh: 3

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