Nightsdeep: Lost Arcane Secrets

Though the power of the Great Magic is gone from the world, low magic still seeps in. Some sorcerers have learned to harness this low magic. Though the practice is almost dead, it is still possible to find hidden scraps of secret knowledge if you are willing to look in the forgotten places of the world. Low magic is a shadow of the power that Great magic was and as such it’s effects are simpler and often much more subtle.

In order to use low magic a sorcerer literally gives a bit themselves. The working of magic is in direct violation to the powerful bans that are in place and so even the slightest spell causes the sorcerer fatigue. It isn’t merely a matter of knowing the right words and drawing the correct symbols, a sorcerer must prepare themselves. This is done by drawing the correct runes upon the skin. When done correctly, the rune will attach itself like a kind of tattoo. This prepares the spell. Then, when the spell is to be used, the sorcerer says the right incantation and focuses herself. When the spell is used, the rune vanishes from their body.

Rune Meaning Possibilities
Renewal, Rejuvenation, Internal Powers Healing minor wounds, repairing equipment, strengthening walls
Protection, warding, defensive Sense someone coming, Prevent evil influences, Ward away evil
Knowledge, understanding, learning Answer a simple question, track a target
Restriction, Needs, Air Breathe underwater, restrict movement, inspire hunger
Ice, stasis, difficulty Cause someone to shake from cold, make someone very tired, calm someone
Memory, Chance, Problem solving Share a memory, increase the chances of something happening, Open a lock

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