Nightsdeep: Hope in the gloom

Nightsdeep is a place where evil has triumphed. The overall mood is an oppressive darkness with a Victorian feel. One part cobblestone London, one part Norse mythology with an invasion from a greater evil. Nightsdeep is a place where there are shades of black. Where villains may not be as bad as wretches who are better to deal with than horrors. It’s a place where horror happens so often that the people simply bow their heads and ignore it. In Nightsdeep, the bad guys have won. Can you bring a bit of light to this place of shadow?

What happened?

One night, a new star appeared in the sky. It was a warning of what was to come. Eventually, some alien thing crashed into the mountains making up the border of Nightsdeep. The crash threw dust and ash into the sky and has blocked off the sun. Leaving all of Nightsdeep in an eternal gloom. No one has seen the thing that crashed into the mountains, the crater came to be called “The Deep.” Everyone knew that things were different though because strange creatures called “The Hollow Ones” came from the deep. They attacked people and animals and killed some, some they carried away. The Hollow Ones are animated with a strange green light that comes from within.

If The Hollow Ones were all that the people of Nightsdeep had to contend with, things wouldn’t be so bad. After the survivors retreated behind a massive wall and locked themselves in, the vampires stepped out of the shadows. They killed many leaders in a coordinated attack. Then, they dragged out the king and rather than kill him themselves, they had his very subjects do it. Today, the vampire tribes rule over the land and call it Darkholm.

Not all is lost!

The world that Nightsdeep resides in has a history built on struggle. The aristocratic noble houses struggle against each other economically and politically with those conflicts erupting into bloodshed regularly. Once in the shadows, vampire tribes from whispered tales have stepped out into modern nights to take their place right alongside the noble houses. Horrors of all kinds stalk the night, making vampires seem refined and gentle. Through all this, a terrible and unknowable evil threatens to swallow the very world.

In this world heroes are few and far between but, with enough cunning and a little luck they can bring about change. The tide of darkness hasn’t completely swallowed the world. Heroes can bring back the light. To do so, they may have to travel the land, overcome terrible monsters, explore cursed ruins and fight against fate itself. They must do all this while attempting to stop themselves from becoming like the monsters that they fight. Because in this world, the most powerful evil is the one that exists within the soul.

Njota Dreyri, jafnan saman
from blood, forever together
— old motto of Zweitenholm

Beyond Nightsdeep

The world beyond Darkholm is the great unknown. Once there was trade between the different parts of the world but, there hasn’t been any contact with the outside world for far too long. Barren, frozen lands lie to the north while burning sands to the east. Neither of which give report of survivors. As far as the average citizen of Nightsdeep, they’re the last bastion of humanity. If Nightsdeep falls, humanity dies along with it.


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