Nightsdeep: Distant Shores

Beyond is a whole world but it is unknown whether the Hollow Ones have consumed most of it or if this blight is contained in Jarn. What is known is that those who have attempted to leave the realm never return. Commonly, it is believed that beyond the realm the world is simply gone. A ruined husk not worthy of even exploring. Whether this is true or not is a true mystery.

Zvell, the frozen lands

To the north are the frozen lands. An unforgiving and harsh place where the unwary traveler will simply freeze to death before even reaching a settlement. The Jotunnheimer tribe claim to originally come from these lands. It is known that there was a settlement called Niflheim. Nifleheim is supposed to be a marvelous city carved entirely from ice. In the morning, as the sun rises, the mist from the city was said to make it look like it was a dream.

The Norori Seas

To the south west are the Norori seas. These unpredictable and tumultuous waters lead into the Ocean of Storms. Once, travel along the coast was the easiest way to get to points along the continent. Ships would come in and out constantly as trade was swift and prosperous. Now, the ships don’t come anymore and the floating Hollow Ones pull down anyone who dares to venture beyond the net. Still, the sea is an important waterway that connects Skaldfel, Darkholm and Dranet.

Brymja Sea

The Brymja sea runs along the west of the peninsula. It’s crystal clear waters aren’t quite as intense as the Norori sea but can be just as deadly. Within the net, the Brymja sea is mostly filled with fishermen as most of the big cities are closer to the Norori sea. It’s waters are quite shallow all the way out to the net so fishermen either use special flatboats or simply stand in the shallower parts. Beyond the net, the Brymja falls off and grants the most beautiful view of the setting moon in all of Nightsdeep.

Dahab Al Mamlakah

The Golden Kingdom was a major trade partner of Nightsdeep. Dahab Al Mamlakah’s burning sands and strange architecture called many an adventurer through the valley of bandits to it’s odd cities and customs. Pilgrims told of cities where worship of Saluwan was enforced by law. There were also tales of places where Saluwan was merely one god in an entire pantheon. Either way, the golden kingdom was a beautiful and vibrant place. It is a pity that no one knows what has become of Dahab Al Mamlakah. Those who survive the valley of bandits have never returned with news.

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