Nightsdeep: Conspiracy Everywhere

Nightsdeep is the kind of place where secrets come in layers. Though your average citizen of Nightsdeep pays their taxes, works hard and generally avoids any real conflict, others aren’t so quiet. There are always whispers of strange rituals performed at night, neighbors disappearing from their homes and all manner of other oddities. The natural response to such strangeness in this day and age is to simply ignore it. It may seem odd but the people of nightsdeep have reached the point where survival is more important than curiosity. Besides, people who ask too many questions vanish.

The Coming Storm

“The whole realm will know our rage”
— The Nameless

Out in the southern plains beyond the wall, to say that life is difficult is an understatement. Life is barbaric. If the unholy abominations and hollow ones don’t get you, exposure will. If you manage to brave both of those things, you may find yourself face to face with the Coming Storm. When Elrik retreated behind the wall, there were those who elected to stay back and defend their homes. In time, through hardship and battle, these people hardened into highly capable men and women. A warrior called The Nameless moved through these villages and towns gathering men and women willing to fight. The hoard grows every day. These men and women feel abandoned by Elrik and their clans and want revenge. One day, when the time is right they will strike at the gates and overrun the weak people who hide behind the wall. Until then, The Coming Storm pillages what they can and destroys whatever hollow they find.

The Seekers

“We are trapped like rats by a cat of green flame”
— Ulrich Blackwater

When Ulrich Blackwater, patriarch of the Blackwater house and exposed vampire took a large portion of his soldiers and left for the Deep, many among his house thought that he’d gone mad. When he didn’t return, the Blackwater house was broken in many ways. Eventually, the house regained it’s power in Nightsdeep politics and took it’s original position back. When isn’t known by many is that the current activities of the house are designed and revolve around a single goal: Find a way to defeat the Hollow Ones. This inner circle of scholars and adventurers is called The Seekers. They often commission or even go on their own expeditions to lost ruins and old temples in order to find something that can be used against the Hollow Ones. It’s said that they’ve even captured a Hollow One in order to take it apart and discover it’s secrets. What they learned? No one knows.

The All Seeing Eye

“You must be purged”

The all seeing eye is the secret police of Nightsdeep. They infiltrate rebellious groups and make their leaders disappear. Though the people are free to say as they wish in theory. In practice however, those who actually pose a threat to the status quo are dealt with swiftly. Sometimes, the group may merely descend upon an unsuspecting rabblerouser and compel them to quell their own rebellion and when that doesn’t work, key rebels simply vanish.

Artificer’s Guild

“The gear and the mainspring hold humanity’s future”
— Franco Grimaldi, clockmaker

The guild of artificers is a relatively young guild devoted to the sharing and proliferation of new ideas and practices of technology. They are the creme of the crop when it comes to inventors and craftsmen. Artificers believe so strongly in their technology that they think that anything is possible with enough hard work and dedication. A truly apolitical group, the artificers can be found in the employ or even as members of any house. A true artificer’s only goal is to create the perfect machine.

The Sword of Saluwan

“The sun will rise again”

Even when Saluwan worship was at it’s peak, this group was a hidden faction within the whole. Secretly, Saluwan revealed to his follower Olvir the existence of vampires and charged him with creating a militant sect devoted to the utter destruction of those creatures. The Sword of Saluwan still fights that battle today in the utmost secrecy. To be discovered is death but, their mission is holy and must be done.

Saluwan did not leave them without assistance however. Transferred through the blood are a set of abilities called the Blessings of Saluwan. These blessings manifest randomly throughout a bloodline, some only gain one gift and others gain them all. They rarely meet and almost always communicate through a system of inconspicuous markings that may be drawn on the walls or on the floor. It isn’t known why those outside of the bloodline cannot seem to see the markings but it is taken as yet another miracle.

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