Nightsdeep: Circle of Holun

The gifts of magic come with secrets that eat away at your very soul. The circle has 5 points that correspond to the 5 types of magic. Each type has five levels that gradually increase in power. When learning a type of magic, the apprentice risks their very mind and each new revelation only makes the strain on the mage worse. The most powerful practitioners of magic are twisted men and women indeed. So while the rewards can be very great indeed, the risks are just as extreme. Below are not the only spells possible, there are many hidden tomes with all manner of twisted knowledge. These are just a sampling.

The Eye

The eye of Holun revolves around information. Gathering secrets, speaking to the dead and learning things that man was not meant to know. To that end, The point of the eye is to make a connection. All of these spells require a vital link to the subject. Hair and preferred objects are powerful while a drop of blood or a heart is most powerful of all. The more powerful the result, the more gruesome the cost.

  1. Whisper across the distance – Send a message to the subject despite any distance.
  2. See through the veil – See what the subject sees despite any distance.
  3. Words left unspoken – Receive one answer truthfully, even from the dead.
  4. See the unspeakable – Grant the subject visions of their own death.
  5. Holun sees all – Peer into the very soul of the subject, learning their darkest desires.

The Claw

The claw of Holun revolves around the wilds. Calling beasts, commanding them and even becoming one are all within the purview of this point on the circle. All of these spells require the animal in question and the most powerful spells require it’s sacrifice.

  1. Calm the beast – calm any beast into a more docile state.
  2. Call the wilds – Sense and call the nearest beast to your aid.
  3. Command the beast – Any beast that you can see will obey your commands for a time.
  4. Lead the pack – Call upon a pack, swarm or flock of the beast of your choosing.
  5. Unleash the beast – sacrifice an animal, wrap yourself in its still-warm skin and become it for a time.

The Fang

It is said that the fangs of Holun are dripping with the venom of a thousand violent deaths. The point of the fang is rooted in the venom of Holun. These spells are all about weakening foes, poisoning them and bringing ruin upon their bodies. In order to affect a specific target, the mage must touch the victim unless otherwise noted.

  1. Noxious air – cause the subject to feel extreme nausea and discomfort.
  2. Blessing of Holun – apply an incurable poison to an object or the mage’s own lips. The object or kiss must be received voluntarily.
  3. Crippling curse – create an object that can cause terrible pain to a subject.
  4. Blight of flesh – the subject begins to suffer from a debilitating disease that ends in the subject’s flesh falling off.
  5. Swarm of rats – A swarm of plague ridden rats descends upon the subject area.

The Blood

The blood is one half of life itself. The blood animates the body and gives the flesh presence. The point of blood is to manipulate this to the ends of the mage. These spells are about controlling the body itself. All of these spells require blood from the victim.

  1. Peace of suffering – The mage can anesthetize the subject and block out pain or they can cause the pain to feel more intense and acute.
  2. Bend flesh – This allows the mage to mend grievous wounds or cause them.
  3. Crawling flesh – The mage can adjust and repair or modify the internal organs of the subject.
  4. Weave bone – The subject’s very body is malleable under the will of the mage.
  5. Servant of blood – Create a living servant from the bodies of your subjects

The Breath

The breath is the other half of life. It is the spark that ignites the body and empowers the soul. It is the very essence of the individual. This point is all about manipulating the individual and their very souls. In order to do these spells, the mage must give of themselves. It requires greater and greater sacrifice.

  1. Hex – The subject finds themselves more likely to drop things, forget, etc.
  2. Shattering whisper – The subject must obey any simple command given by the mage.
  3. Bend Mind – This allows the mage to make small changes to the subject’s memories.
  4. Enslave mind – Slowly erode the will of the subject until they have no thought but to serve.
  5. Possession – The mage must command the enslaved subject to plunge a special dagger into the subject’s heart. The mage will then transfer their consciousness into the subject.

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