Nightsdeep: Blessings of Saluwan

The secret sect called the Blade of Saluwan is devoted to bringing the light to all people and driving out the darkness that enslaves humanity. To that end, they have several miracles that they can work that help fight against vampires. None of the blessings are always on. They take focus and a strong will to activate. This rule however doesn’t seem to hold the first time that the blessing manifests. The first time seems to be random and can cause the person a great deal of problems if they aren’t prepared. Not everyone within the bloodlines is granted the blessing and it seems that some are only granted one blessing and others are granted all of them.

See the Truth

By focusing their mind, the people holding the blessings of Saluwan can see through illusions at the truth that lay within. This means that they essentially peer through any type of illusion. Unknowingly blessed people may find themselves particularly distraught when they look at a what they believed was a normal person and see through a vampire’s facade at the rotting husk beneath.

“be not deceived by lies or blinded to the truth”

Blessing of Blood

In times of need or sometimes even in strange offensive ways, those with the blessing of blood seem to be able to cause their blood to have extremely adverse reactions to vampires. When this blessing is active, a simple touch will cause a vampire extreme discomfort and eventually burn them. The blood itself is even more potent and can cause a vampire to burst into flames when coming into contact with it.

“hold the flames within you and extend your palm to your brother”

Saluwan’s Wrath

It is believed that those with the blessing of Saluwan’s wrath were meant to be leaders to others of the bloodline. Their words can pull at the emotions of those who hear them causing them to become braver and sometimes even ignore wounds that would give anyone else pause. This blessing is dangerous though as the voice can sometimes inspire a great, mindless rage within a vampire.

“I whisper and your walls crumble before me”

Cleanse the Mind

Some vampires and unholy magic can cause the mind to become influenced by others. Whether it’s the vampiric gift that drives one to do things against their will or other unholy means, those with the blessing called cleanse the mind are able to focus their spirit and purge that influence. It is written in the Havamael, that Saluwan came upon a woman suffering some sort of demonic possession. He put his hand upon the woman and tore the soul of a screaming beast from within her. At that point the woman was returned to her normal self. Though no mortal can cleanse the mind of another, those with this blessing can free themselves.

“a clouded mind is poison for the soul”

Walk the Flames

Saluwan was said to be completely spared from the ravages of fire. Those with this blessing seem to have a shard of that. The belief is that Saluwan approves of your purity of spirit by granting some protection against fire. Though no man can simply ignore fire completely, those with this blessing seem to be able to ignore it’s effects for a time. Men have been able to leap into burning buildings to save children and emerge unscathed.

“Saluwan strode through the burning temple with rage in his heart”

Mark the Path

When the gifts were being granted, it is believed that among those who recieved the gifts were a mute boy. To this boy, Saluwan granted the ability to communicate and coordinate his brethren. No one is certain on why the runes are invisible to all but the chosen and no one knows why the runes are able to be understood by all blessed. These mysteries seem to fade to the background when the blessed realizes that they can now communicate with total immunity from unworthy eyes. The runes are simple concepts like safe, vampire and meeting but they are enough.

“The path of righteousness is marked with the word of Saluwan”

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