Nightsdeep: Beyond the Wall

Mainland Nightsdeep is a country that is bordered by an enormous mountain chain called Forlog. The northern part of Forlog is often called the northern marches or simply the marches. While the eastern part is simply called the rising stones. Between the eastern and northern part, cleaving them in half is an enormous crater called The Deep. The deep is the site of a huge meteor impact. It is also currently where the hollow ones come from.

The Scarred Lands

These lands once were filled with farm land, homes and forests. In the last days of the battle to defend the wall, the defenders burned the land with regular fire and with magical flames. The landscape was left a battered, gray ruin with cracks down into the bowels of the earth everywhere. It often rains ash here and the voices of the many fallen can still be heard on the wind.

The Northern Marches

The Freemen live up in the marches and perform regular trips down to the old temples of Saluwan as a sort of pilgrimage that they call “The Hunt”. The land is rough, cold and treacherous. A wrong step can cause one to fall into a crevasse where they may never be found. Avalanches catch the unwary who do manage to avoid the pitfalls. Lastly, roving beasts and strange monsters roam the lands. The freemen are a hardy bunch because one mistake can spell their doom.

Gifts of the Ebon Warrior

When the Ebon warrior and his retinue visited the people of the northern marches, he made many amazing artifacts. These came to be called the Gifts of the Ebon Warrior. First he built a tower that turns lightning into harmless light. He placed these lights throughout the settlement. Then, he placed water in the walls in such a way that it provided much needed heat to the dwellings carved into the rock walls. Next, he created a lift that works without excruciating effort. Lastly, he brought hope back to the people of the northern marches. For too long, they survived. Now, they can live.

The Deep

This is where the fire from the sky landed. The Hollow Ones are very common here. People, animals and even trees filled with a sort of green fire have been seen everywhere. There are also tales of inhumane screams echoing through the woods. The Deep is a valuable source of metals however. The mountains there are so rich in metals that one can pick any spot and swing a pickax and find iron or other metals.

The Eastern Range

The eastern range is a treacherous mountain range full of rock slides and switchbacks that make travel extremely dangerous. There are two passes through the mountains and on to the lands to the east. Both passes are obviously hardly ever used and so losing the path is very easy. The demon’s run which is a long path of thin cliffs with long drips, switchbacks that make travel extremely slow and a high possibility of rock slide from the granite mountains all around. The other path called The valley of bandits is a straighter path through a valley that cuts right through the mountains but this path is frequented by many monsters that make travel nearly impossible.

Southern Plains

The southern plains are a relatively open land made up of rolling hills. It would be an idyllic setting to raise a family and was once perfect farmland. The retreat behind the wall has left the land to nature. The abandoned villages now are overrun with plant life and small animals wander freely through the plains. The peace and beauty of the setting is only broken by the occasional roving band of marauders bent on taking what they can from the few people who stayed behind. The people left in the southern plains are a hardy people who often live a nomadic life. Never able to stay in any one place for too long because the hollow ones are always out there.

Forte Ruins

This ruin used to be a major center of commerce because it had access to a major road and a huge waterway that fed out to the Great Black Sea. It boasted a fairly large population with lots of good farm land on either end. A sizable militia and a training ground. Now, it’s a ghost of what once was. It holds nothing but ruins and an old church. The church had been maintained as best as it could until a particularly intense attack. Now, the church has fallen.


Helmir was a place of learning. Many religious scholars had their homes there and taught there. Helmir is home to the Basilica of Light. This was an enormous church that held a great many services. It was also the seat of the Festival of Summer. A festival lasting two weeks where a great many citizens of Zweitenholm would visit and partake. It was said that a blessing during the Festival of Summer would grant the citizen happiness and health throughout the whole year. Even now, a group of Freemen attempt to hold Helmir against the encroaching tide of the Hollow Ones.

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