5 things I did instead of writing this article last thursday

One week ago, I was assigned a task to write an article about anything game related, or writing. My article idea was going to be brilliant. “10 ways to find inspiration,” was originally going to be my first article. I had tons of ideas too. Inspiration in movies, books, shows, anime shows, pictures, and other fluff. The issue that remains with great ideas moving forward is simple, when laziness finds you, you’re fighting a war within yourself and the only way you can win is if you give in to it. At least that’s what I tell myself now so I can feel better about writing this article instead. So, without further ado, because I know you all are wondering what I did instead of writing my planned original masterpiece, I have numbered the five most time consuming things I did last week. Enjoy!

1. Played an ongoing RPG pen and paper game (twice)


My cousins and I have been playing the same pen and paper RPG for the past 2 or more years. Obviously, that doesn’t mean we play everyday, so it makes sense why we are taking so long. I choose to play instead of writing my article because I would always choose playing this game over writing, in the hopes that one day it could end already. Two years is far too long to play anything, and I realized this sometime earlier this year. Though, to be very honest, I surely will miss these characters when the story finally comes to a close, you know, in another 3 years.

2. Played Video Games


Video games is the number one reason I tend to procrastinate with any project. Any gamer will know how hard it is to look away from your PS4, XBOX ONE, steam account, etc. I literally bought myself a new tablet/laptop (I’ll discuss this more on the third thing) just so I could stay away from my real computer filled with games on my steam account. I can’t help it, I want to fill my steam library up with as much games on sale as possible. Sure my wallet will tell me otherwise but damnit, I will make it happen. I just wish I had more time to play.

3. Wasted money on a non-black friday deal, on black friday


So, I have always hated black friday and never allowed myself to be a part of such a horrible show of capitalism. Now of course, I’ve never had the money to do black friday but this year was different. I got paid on black friday. With no immediate bills needing to be paid, I decided to buy myself a christmas gift. I bought myself a transformer tablet. It is a pretty neat device and at the very least, I had work related intentions. The problem with good intentions when shopping is that they are lies we tell ourselves. I’ve downloaded steam to my transformer tablet and have not typed a single storylet on it.

4. Laid about doing nothing


This is a huge problem for many. Some people will never admit it but everyone at least once in their lives, has choosen doing nothing over doing something when their bored. Last Week, I choose nothing over and over again. Doing nothing I admit is the only thing that I wish I could have undone. It’s a waste of time and all time is precious.

5. Eat too much A.K.A Celebrated Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Day is a day about eating as much as you can and trying not to feel guilty about it. I can safely say, I did neither of the too. I spent my thanksgiving day right, with my some of famiy by my side and missing the others. We had a proper puerto rican, dominican thanksgiving. With some amazing meals there and too many amazing deserts still filling my fridge, this distraction from my work was the best one yet. If only we could have played more board games together.

In the end, I guess you can take some inspiration from this article as a warning more than anything else. Be inspired to be nothing like me and become more productive. In my defense, I had no internet for about five days and writing without internet is hard. Then again, writing programs are all offline and I am fully aware of it.

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