Maribel Polanco

Maribel Polanco is completely new to game design and writing. She grew up playing tabletop role playing games and video games and wants to make some of her own. Maribel is a full time public high school teacher by day and by night throws on her cape and writes strange scribblings, like some sort of nerdy superhero. Sometimes, they’re settings for role playing games, other times they’re stories.

Daniel Pilpe

Daniel Pilpe has spent most of his life chasing a good story. His passion is to tell great stories using graphics, photography and video. Daniel has traveled most of the world, camera in hand, creating and shooting award winning video. Creating games has been an interest from an early age where Daniel would create stories as he moved around the world during his childhood. Daniel met Miguel in 2000 and they’ve been collaborating on stories since then. Daniel hopes to led his visual arts skill to Red Panic’s commercial projects. Daniel has his own production company called Eit Productions.

Miguel Pimentel

Miguel has poured his heart and soul into various RPG projects, plays Game Master for his friends and family, played IT tech to anyone with his phone number and sometimes, he plays Rock Band so hard that his knuckles hurt. He’s been a geek for a long time and is developing the carpel tunnel syndrome to prove it. Miguel loves to write and tell stories. He posts most of them here.

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